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Thalgo Hyaluronic Gift Set

£72 (contents worth £150.75)
Event offer – receive a complimentary £10 voucher towards a Thalgo Collagen Facial Ritual in January when purchasing the Hyaluronic Gift Set

To target established wrinkles, visible from age 30.

Key Ingredients – High molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid greatly hydrates the surface layers of the skin, and marine extracts stimulates the fibroblasts to produce Hyaluronic Acid. Freeze dried Hyaluronic acid swells upon contact with the water in the skin, swells and fills wrinkles.
Hyaluronic Cream 50ml – A daily moisturiser that smoothes and FILLS lines and wrinkles. It fights against both visible lines and helps infuse ant-ageing properties to protect the skin from further ageing. A great hydrating cream as the high molecular weight hyaluronic acid retains water in the skin and provides a powerful hydration action.

Hyaluronic Filler 15ml – A precise wrinkle filler, for women aged 30+ who want to FILL deep wrinkles with a targeted wrinkle to wrinkle product. This high precision serum acts at the heart of the wrinkles to effectively fill them, wrinkles are “pushed out” from within. Apply morning and evening directly into wrinkles all over the face (forehead, contour of the nasolabial furrows, lip contour and neck) under the Hyaluronic Cream. Use as a one month treatment and renew several times a year.

Hyaluronic Eye Patches x3 pairs– the Hyaluronic eye patches plump up, smooth and reduce dark circles in just 10 minutes for visibly younger looking eyes. Can be stored in the fridge for extra cooling qualities. Yeast extract helps reduce the appearance of dark circles, Marine Hyaluronic complex supports the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid improving skin tone and firmness.

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